Users of the PVOL system
Users of this database are amateur astronomers willing to provide a long term survey of the atmospheric details of the Giant Planets and amateur or professional astronomers that may use these images for research works.

This tool and website are provided to support an easily searchable solid database of the contributed images. If you have sent images and your name doesn't appear in the list, or if you don't know your username & password to change your personal information, please contact PVOL system manager. If you have never sent images but you want to, please register in the online form that we give in this section.

Users with more experience, astronomical software developers or simply curious astronomers have their own section in this web page, called Advanced tools, where a brief description of the system is given, with detailed instructions of how to use the VOTable generator or the HTTP-GET method to retrieve images.

Thank you, and remember that this system is being tested, so if you get any kind of error message (or you just want to make a suggestion), please email the system manager as soon as possible.

Good observations.