Jovian Impacts Detection Software

Overview of the Jupiter bolides detection project

This page features two different packages of software (JID and DeTeCt) for inspection of video observations of Jupiter with the aim of recovering impacts of small objects producing bright and short fireballs in the atmosphere of the planets. Three of such bolides have been identified on video observations of Jupiter obtained by amateur astronomers in June and August 2010 and in September 2012. This project aims to build a fast open source software program released to the large community of amateur astronomers who obtain video observations of Jupiter.

The final goal of the project is to detect and characterize impacts of small objects in Jupiter. The DeTeCt program can be used with scripting options to analyze several videos or hundreths of observations from different observers. Both softwares currently support the automatic analysis of long sequences of videos.

JID: Jovian Impacts Detection (Windows / Linux)

JID is a windows based application with a friendly Graphic User Interface written by Juan Carlos Moreno from Spain. The detection algorithm is based in the DeTeCt software briefly explained below. This sofware is recommended for most users as it is much easier to use than other alternatives.

DeTeCt: DeTeCtion of bolides in Jupiter atmosphere (Linux / Windows)

DeTeCt (previosly dtc) is an open source Linux/Windows application that allows to search for impacts in Jupiter videos. The first versions of this sofware were developed and written by Luis Calderon from Spain as part of his Master in Space Science and Technology. An improved version was done by Marc Delcroix from France and has been well tested by members of the Societe Astronomique de France. The software can be downloaded from this page (see Downloads below) or from Marc Delcroix's website containing an English/French tutorial.


Software Developers: Juan Carlos Moreno, Marc Delcroix and Luis Calderon.
Coordination: Ricardo Hueso, Agustin Sanchez-Lavega and Josep Maria-Gomez (Grupo de Ciencias Planetarias, UPV-EHU, Spain)
Acknowledgements: Emil Kraaimkap, John H. Rogers

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Last updated: 13 December 2012